Thursday, 18 October 2012

Christmas Gifts From My Shop - 68 Days To Go

Another selection from my Etsy shop.
This time the theme is The Christmas Tree.  I have picked out a selection of items that would be suitable to hang on your tree either as special little wrapped gifts, or just as general tree decorations.  Some are handmade, some are vintage.
We will start at the top of the tree with a fairy.  There are more available in my Etsy listings.
Blue and purple fairy £8 + postage

Pink and white fairy £8 + postage
 Next the tree decorations, all handmade from felt -
Large star £3.50 + postage

Teddies and small stars £4 + postage
 Diddy Dogs - can be hung on the tree as they are to give a bit of colour, or gift wrapped as a surprise for someone.
Diddy Dogs - any colour you want - £12 + postage
 A selection of hanging floral shapes - decorate your home or tree.

Colourful Ducklings £4 + postage
Floral hearts £4 + postage

Pretty shapes £4 + postage
Tufty - 4"/10cm £25 + postage

Miniature mohair bears to wrap and hang on the tree for someone special
Squeaky 4"/10cm £25 + postage
Red charm £9 + postage
Gold charm £9 + postage
 Little mohair bear head bag/zipper charms.  Or they could be hung on your tree.

Novelty vintage tape measure - dog/cat in slipper £16 + postage

And finally, a couple of lightweight vintage items that could be gift wrapped for the tree.

Tiny pram toy pure wool dog £14 + postage

If you like my selection and want to see more, then visit my Etsy online shop - or my website

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