Monday, 22 October 2012

Pud Bears Miniature Bears and Mice - a Work in Progress

I designed a miniature bear with a centre head seam.  It was the smallest bear I had made to date at 3.5"/9cm.  The first one was a nice little fellow.  I called him Tufty as he had a tuft on the top of his head.

The next one really didn't look like a bear, more like a mouse so I added whiskas and a tail.
Holding his fir cone behind his back and balancing carefully.
The standing up was a delicate operation and only for the camera, so I decided to try and make the next one so that he could stand unaided.  I always use glass beads in the tummies to give a bit of extra weight, so I thought if I put them in this one's feet as well he might be weighted enough to stand.
The next bear/mouse
I cut small cardboard shapes to flatten the bottom of his feet and prepared to fill the legs with beads.
Not as easy as I first thought - how could I get the slippery tiny glass beads into such a small leg?
I use a miniature jug to tip them into a small body, but the legs were smaller than the body. 
I couldn't use the funnel that I use for the 6-8 inch bears as it is far too big for these little fellows.
The tools for filling the legs with glass beads.
The legs stand unaided, hopefully the bear will
when they are in place
Then I spotted a Biro pen - it might work!
I took it apart and carefully tipped beads into the end using the jug.  It was very fiddly and I still managed to spill a few, but it worked.
I now have to assemble the bear (or mouse) and see if he can stand all by himself.  Watch this space.....
By the way, I have a question for you - is he a bear or a mouse?  I am having difficulty deciding, but I am leaning towards bear.  What do you think?

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  1. So so cute :) I love the whiskers and tail.