Thursday, 3 March 2011

Strawberries, Polos and Daisies (for my Dad)

This page is in memory of my lovely Dad, 30th Augut 1923 - 3rd March 2008.  I can't believe it has now been 4 years.
He loved his allotment , we were never short of strawberries and vegetables.  As a girl I can remember well the smell of fresh strawberries in the warm sun of the Summers.  We were taught to pick them from an early age and spent many happy hours at the allotment with Mum and Dad.
One of his other likes were polo mints.  After giving up smoking he took to eating large amounts of the sweets and always had a packet in his pocket.  His last dog, a Yorkie was even called Minty.  We had a white flower wreath made in the shape of a polo mint at his funeral.
The other thing that reminds me of him is daisies, just the normal lawn variety.  They would grow in our front lawn and look so pretty and I can remember sitting on the grass making daisy chains.  I would moan at him when he mowed the grass and cut their heads off.  As is the normal with weeds they grew back quite quickly though.

Polo and drink cans keyrings from

Look at these sweetie necklaces from


This pretty Mirror and Case is from

These look good enough to eat

I even found a sock monkey

These quilled wedding cards are beautiful


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