Thursday, 24 March 2011


I have found these wonderful cushions on Folksy.  Again I seem to have gone for bright colours, I am just drawn to anything colourful.  I hope they serve to brighten up your day as they have mine.

A beautiful felt raggy flower cushion from

This pretty butterfly cushion is from

A garden inspired patchwork cushion from

To find more lovely animal design lavender cushions
and full sized ones too go to

This is such an unusual fabric and comes from

Just look at all the work that has gone into this cross stitch cushion


  1. Holy cow!! Cross stitched cushion cover?? That's really cool!

  2. Lovely, especially the patchwork rabbit one

  3. They are all lovely - each one I saw, I thought "That's m favourite" and then I looked at the next and thought "That's my favourite..."
    In short, if I were rich I would buy all of them!

    Marie x

  4. Wow aren't they all lovely! I love the patchwork one, but then the cross stitch one - that must have taken sooo long! Amazing.
    Thanks for including my VW Campers cushion :)
    Zoe x
    PS. I'm in Norfolk too, though not on the coast unfortunately...

  5. The cross stitch is my favourite...nice cosy cushion choices (-;

  6. it must have took a lot of crosses to stitch that cushion, really nice