Monday, 28 March 2011

Birth of a Bunny - part 3

The pieces are all stitched together using small back stitch.

Then they are turned and if they are laid together you can get an idea of how the bunny will look and her size.

I stuff the head as firmly as possible, then stitch on the nose and mouth.
The glass eyes are next, looking at the head from all angles to get them as even and straight as possible.  They are pulled tight into the head and fastened firmly.  At this stage I can get an idea of the character that I am 'building'.
Next comes the ears, pinned in place and again looked at from all angles to make sure they are level before stitching to the head.
The arms and legs are stuffed and the cotterpins are fixed in place ready for jointing to the body.
The peach bunny is patiently waiting for her body to be completed.
The body is put together.  It only needs the tummy stuffing to be completed, but that is the last thing to do.  The head has to be fastened to it first.  This is the bit I like the best as I can see exactly what the bear/bunny will look like.

The bunny's tummy is filled with glass beads.  I prefer the weighty feel this gives my creations, and they sit better with heavy tums and bums!

The final touches - a bow on the head if it turns out to be a girl (I can't tell until the head is made) and then a comb and brush to fluff  up the mohair and make sure there are no bits of fur stuck in the seams.

Here are the two bunnies completed.  I hope you like them.  The purple one is Rascal - I can see that he will be trouble.  The peach one is Angel as she looks so innocent.

They will be available in my Folksy shop


  1. They look adorable, and also so soft and cuddly. A nice interesting read.

  2. I love the Bunnies, really interesting to see how they are made.

  3. Ooh they're lovely! I like the way they 'come to life' when they're stuffed. Very interesting read.

  4. They've turned out so beautifully!

  5. Can't believe i missed part 3.
    They look great.
    Rascal looks like he is brewing up some mischief.

    {Dab and a dash.}