Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Birth of a Mohair Bunny - Part 2

Right, the colours are chosen, the scissors are sharp right down to the tip, now to start marking and cutting out.

First I draw round my cardboard templates, making sure that the pile on the mohair is laying the correct way (usually downwards).

Then I cut out the pieces using my very sharp pointy scissors.  It is very annoying if the scissors are blunt and do not cut right to the tip. The points help them to slide through as they have to just cut the backing, not the actual hair. 
A bear with bald pieces around his paw pads wouldn't look very attractive to bears of the opposite gender :).

Wrong - cutting through mohair

Right - sliding scissors down to backing

Here are the pieces all cut out.  There are 16 mohair pieces for each bunny and 6 ultrasuede pieces (paws and inner ears). 
Mohair can get everywhere at this stage so I have to be very careful and keep the snippets together for disposing of when I have finished. 

Harry (Cavalier Hooligan) likes to steal pieces if I drop them!  He stole my wooden stuffing tool one day and chewed the end.  I had to whittle it down with a sharp knife and sand it to a blunt end again.

waste snippets

Foggypuss prefers me to drop bobbins and cotton reels -  see the white cotton with the bear in the previous blog. I lied on the bear's description in my Folksy shop.  It wasn't the bear that destroyed it, it was Foggy.

Sorry, went off topic there - back to the bunnies.  The next stage is the pinning.  Here are the pieces all pinned together.  Can you tell what it is yet? ;)  (That's my Rolf Harris impression over with)

To be continued......


  1. What a lot of pieces - good job you know what you doing. I'd be completely flummoxed

  2. Like your blog and will now become a follower so I can keep an eye on your Bunny

  3. looks like hard work. Waiting to see it all put together and finished.

  4. wow it's looks so complicated to me.
    Can't wait to see it coming together.
    {Dab and a dash.}