Friday, 4 March 2011

Colour Change Bears

 Below is an exert from a childrens' story that I am writing.  The little orange bear I made is the inspiration for the colour change bears. 
I have produced different coloured prints of the bear for sale on my Folksy site.  They are available in n 8"x8" (20cmx20cm) frame or fastened on a canvas block board (various sizes available).


'Underneath the tree sat three little orange bears, having a picnic and singing quietly to themselves. Pip had never seen an orange bear before and stepped forward for a closer look.
“Why are you orange?” she asked
“You don’t like orange?” queried the first bear. “What about blue then? And promptly changed colour to blue. “Or green?” said the second , turning a pretty shade of green. “Or I can do red” said the third.
“Oh, what pretty bears you are” said Pip, clapping her hands in excitement and watching as the little bears changed colours just by blinking their eyes - pink, yellow, turquoise, purple - they turned their different colours on and off and Pip thought they looked like Christmas tree lights.
Then they sang a little song:-
“We are the Colour Bears, and with one blink,
Look at us now blue, red and pink,
Blink again and change the scene
Now we’re purple and yellow and green”
“That was lovely, thank you Colour Bears” said Pip, remembering why she was there in the first place.'

 I am hoping to get my book printed eventually, but it is a nightmare trying to find a publisher and I have no experience of this at all.

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