Friday, 1 February 2013

Miniature 1950's Dolls

I have come across a few little dolls whilst searching for teddy bears.
They are really cute and I am enjoying fidddling about dressing them.  I have dressed 2 babies and one toddler (bottom right in picture above), and a 1950's miniature pram that I have made bedding for, and I dressed the doll that was with it.
3" Baby Doll with Clover Mark and
open/close eyes SOLD

3" Baby Doll with Turtle Mark SOLD
The doll middle top in the group picture is a pot one and when I tried to tighten her joint elastic it was perished and broke.  I have managed today to get suitable elastic to mend her with.  I've never restringed a doll before, so watch this space :).

Miniature Pram with lace frilled pillow and cover with pink roses
with dressed 2.5" doll SOLD
1950's Little Girl Dollshouse 3" doll
Marked ES Germany and with open/close eyes

I have 2 more tiny babies to dress plus I am knitting a pretty outfit for this Turtle Marked 6" black doll.  He was called Mambi, made in 3 sizes and originally sold in this grass skirt.  He also had a sister called Wumbi.  This one has one of his earrings missing, but apart from that he is in excellent condition. 
The finished dolls and pram are in my Etsy shop and my Weebly website
The Mambi doll and the other little dolls will be available shortly after I have finished the Chiltern bears from the previous blog page.

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