Friday, 8 February 2013

Chiltern Bear Hubert's Big Day is Here

I'm really keen to get Hubert  finished and looking gorgeous.  I couldn't wait, and he has already had his teddy bath (it's 8am here in the UK).
Hubert relaxing in his bath
I even took photos to show you, he's not modest so doesn't mind.  Not that he wears clothes anyway!
Bet you didn't know that bears like to play with a toy duck in the bath.
He made a lot of mess - oats everywhere, I had to get the vacuum cleaner out to tidy up after him.

Waiting to be brushed out
He has to wait a little while now for the oats to do their job and lift the dirt from his mohair.  If any of you have an old bear that needs a freshen up, it really is like magic.  Their mohair comes up much cleaner and softer after this treatment.  It can be a bit of a pain getting it all out from the joint areas and around the ears, but I'm sure they love the attention of a good firm brushing.
I'm now wondering if he will require a nice ribbon or bell, or even a cardigan/waistcoat.

At the moment I am veering towards a bell or two on a cord /ribbon around his neck.  I don't want to cover this beautiful boy too much and his body mohair is strong so he doesn't need covering for protection.
And here he is in his before and after photos.

"Anyone there"?


"Hi, I can see you now"
"I feel poorly"

"That's better"
Hubert is now SOLD
I found him 3 bells, and fastened them around his neck with a black cord.  His eyes are a dark amber, a bit darker than they would have been originally, but it is so difficult to get hold of antique eyes.  At the moment I have had to buy in some new glass eyes for replacements as I have tried, with no success to find the old ones.
He is a handsome boy and, at 21"/53cm, quite a substantial bear.
He will be available on my website and in my Etsy shop


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  1. He is absolutely stunning - you did a great job!