Monday, 11 February 2013

Susie Patch

I was keen to tidy up the little Terrier dog named Susie. 
She came to me looking quite unhappy, with ears that just didn't look right and a perky tail that wasn't perky anymore.

I picked her up and took a good look at her to see what needed doing.  A few stitches in her tail, and move around the woodwool stuffing so that she stands better. What could I do with those ears?  They were either too big or too small I decided, so must be replacements.
I noticed that she used to be a beautiful cinammon colour as it could still be seen between her legs and on her tummy. 
Then I realised that there were darker patches just below her ears, and it dawned on me "they were her original ears, they just need stitching in place correctly".
Is this a 'hang dog' expression?
Standing proud SOLD

I set to work, carefully stitching up a seam that had come undone and fixing her wonky tail.  I managed, with a bit of pushing and pulling on the woodwool to straighten her legs out and then, with a few stitches in her ears, she was done.
What a proud girl she looks now.

The final touch was a little bead bracelet from my bits and pieces drawer.  It made a perfect collar for her. 
I left her white patch in place, as she has grown quite accustomed to it over the years.
My original name for her was Patch, until her previous owner told me that she used to be known as Susie.  Still liking the name Patch I gave it to her as a surname, so now she is known as Susie Patch.
Here she is with her new best friend, my old Chiltern bear, Hubert.  Don't they look good together?
Susie Patch and Chiltern Hubert waiting for a new home
They are both now SOLD
 They are both available in my online shops and


  1. She looks lovely! I would never have thought to do that with the ears - and that tail! :-)

  2. She certainly looks proud now :o)
    Great job and a perfect name for her.