Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A Gay Wedding

All of this publicity over the legalisation of Gay Marriages is getting people talking and arguing about if it is necessary.
I thought I would show how lovely a Civil Partnership could be if organised well.
My daughter had her wedding (Civil Partnership) a couple of weeks ago in the local Register Office followed by a reception attended by 80-100 friends and family.

They planned it just as anyone would plan a wedding, even down to the Groombride (my word) not seeing the bride until she came into the venue.  There was a beautiful wedding dress and bouquet, and the usher who was the bride's son wore a matching waistcoat and cravat. The bride's daughter's dress was purple to match the silver and purple colour scheme.

It was a lovely ceremony with the bride's son and daughter reading a short piece and the couple speaking their vows and expressing their love for each other.  Then they exchanged rings.
Waiting patiently for the bride to arrive
The only hitch was that the bride forgot her bouquet and kept my daughter waiting until it was fetched.

Outside there was confetti in abundance
They are now known as Mrs and Mrs xxxx. (real name not given for privacy purposes).

Everyone enjoyed the reception, there was a large buffet and a table with sweets especially for the children (which was enjoyed by the adults just as much).  

I must admit I was aprehensive beforehand but I needn't have worried as to all intents and purposes this was a wedding, just like any other, and  a well organised and enjoyable one at that.
It was not in Church, it was not religious, but I don't think it would have been if the law had been passed beforehand. 

This is what they wanted and they went off very happy for a few days at a forest lodge in the snow. 
The bride loves snow so this was her ideal honeymoon.
Me with my three children

I am proud of my daughter for standing up and showing everyone how much they love each other (and it was obvious on the day).  She has not been let down by her friends or family and has always been just 'Beanie'. This has been her nickname from a young age, the only people that call her by her Christian name is me and her close relatives.
I hope they have a long and a very happy marriage.


  1. It looks like a lovely day, the outfits, flowers and cake all look beautiful. Congratulations to the couple and may they have many many years of happiness :)
    I love the 'Groombride' title.

    Jan x

  2. Congratulations on being mother of the groombride, Polly, and best wishes to your daughter and her family!

  3. Thank you so much for speaking up on my post and for sending me to yours. The pictures speak volumes of their love for each other. Groombride is a fun word. It won't work in our case as we very much have 2 brides involved...2 dresses...2 engagement rings! Their day looks beautiful and I wish them a long, happy life together.