Thursday, 7 February 2013

1920's Chiltern Bear Hubert

Hubert says "Hi"
Remember the big Chiltern bears that I showed you last week?  Well I have finally got around to restoring Hubert, the woodwool filled one (the other is mainly Kapok filled).
I originally thought he was a 1930's Chiltern Hugmee, but after doing some research today I believe him to be a 1920's Chiltern, before the Hugmees were produced.  The Hugmees were named that as they were soft and huggable,and Hubert is hard and woodwool filled.  The other is more a 1930's Hugmee with just his head filled with woodwool, the rest being soft Kapok.

Hubert had a few issues, the main one being his left paw which had a gaping hole in it.  When I got him he had a large bandage tied around the paw so I didn't know the extent of the damage until I removed it.
A very poorly paw
I searched my mohair odments and found a piece with a similar backing to his mohair to put a patch under the remaining paw fabric.  I always patch underneath to leave as much as the original fabric showing as possible. 
Looking much happier with his mended paw and full smile
Most of his black claw stitching was still there, just needed a couple of replacements and his smile was broken on one side, so that was quickly remeded. His paws used to have a velveteen surface, but none is left now, I just found slight evidence of it in his seams. It was a beige colour.
One of his feet had to have a small piece inserted too as the fabric had worn away a bit.

This foot had to have a small insert piece in the toe
The mended foot (new claws just visible)
The other foot and paw just needed a few stitches to prevent further damage and I had to attach one of his ears as it was coming adrift.

I felt his tummy and back and there was a hard object there - a growler?  I opened his back up and sure enough he had a large growler.  It was in remarkably good condition given his age so I shook it about a bit to get out any loose woodwool that may have settled in it.  The cloth piece had relaxed quite a bit I think so he will never give a long deep growl.  Now though he can give a little short grumble, especially if shaken a bit (not advisable to do that too much with a toy of this age).  I always like to get an old growler or squeaker working, even if not that well.

Here he is to date, just needing his new eyes and a teddy 'bath' and brush up.

A smiling Hubert, happy to know that
by tomorrow he will be able to see who
he is waving too!

I will show him in all his glory tomorrow.

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