Thursday, 31 January 2013

Two Blind Chiltern Bears

I found a beautiful old bear the other day, and when I got him I realised he was a large Chiltern Hugmee, a very collectable bear.  His photograph was not very good so I was not able to identify him until I saw him in person (bearson?).
Hubert, waiting patiently for his 'operations'
He needs a bit of sorting out, his paw is nearly hanging off and he has no eyes, but he is still a wonderful bear.
Then I came across this smaller Chiltern with a broken neck, now repaired and looking very handsome.
This is Herbert, he had one eye and a broken neck when I got him, poor boy.
I was on a roll :) and my next purchase was another big Chiltern, this time a softer, Kapok filled version, but very similar to the first one.

This is George, he also has no eyes (is it contagious?) 

And finally a strange little dog called Susie.  I know that is her name as her previous owner told me.
She has been much loved so I will be extra careful to not change her character when I tidy her up. She has a white cotton patch which I will leave as it is part of her history, and I do not think her ears are original.

Showing off her little white patch
I think she is beautiful (all in the eyes of the beholder I think) and when I am finished she will stand proud with her tail up and a beautiful new ribbon or collar.


  1. Wow - what a haul! Look forward to seeing the big Chillterns with eyes, but the little dog particularly is gorgeous. Whatever happened to Gary, by the way? Did he find a home?

  2. No Ruth, poor Gary the Farnell Pekingese is still waiting for a home. He is my longest serving 'inmate' now, although I had him for quite a few months before I restored him. Maybe his blue knitted coat is putting people off.