Friday, 15 July 2011

Nearly contacted Dogslost

I took the tatty old mohair dog out of the freezer and started work on him this morning.
His squeaker was beyond repair, it had just about disintegrated and the wire was sticking through his side so I removed it.  His nose and mouth, although with a few stitches missing, were fine to be left as they were.  He had a few torn seams and small rips that I repaired and then gave him the customary mohair bath and brush up at the Pud Bears grooming parlour.
He then got a shiny new pair of glass eyes as he didn't have any at all, and a bright red ribbon around his neck.
Here are his before and after photos, I was very pleased with how he turned out.

Poor old thing - call the RSPCA!

I identified him as an Alpha Farnell dog

He made friends with Smiler, my funny old smiling bear
 Why the title for this post?  I photographed him and set about putting him in my Etsy shop.  Satisfied with how his entry looked I pressed 'publish' (or whatever the Etsy equivalent is).
He sat proudly at the top of my listings above an old bear that I put on yesterday.

I thought I would see how my shop looked now and went in to see  - no dog!  Where is he, looked in 'inactive listings' not there, looked in 'draft listings' not there.  I thought maybe I had pressed the wrong button and deleted him so went to look at the activity bit. 

Lo and behold, there was Jock, large as life.

Why?  He'd been sold in those couple of minutes between me listing him and looking at my shop.  Plus another vintage bear.  I'm so pleased that the old bears and dogs are selling as I love mending and cleaning them.

Guiness (the bear), and Jock are going to Japan once the Paypal funds are cleared.


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  1. How brilliant is that. You certainly make an excellent job of repairing these much loved little toys - guiness looks adorable. Well done to you for selling them so quick too. There is obviously a lot of love out there for these old favourites.