Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Butterflies and Bugs

I have been browsing through the pages of Folksy to find butterflies suitable for sitting on the paw of a small bear.  I had in mind a colourful, quite realistic looking butterfly, in a fairly hardy material (not paper or cardboard as that would get damaged too easily.

Here is what I have found
Not what I want at all, but I do like this bronze brooch

I found this hair decoration on my journey through
the butterflies of Folksy - so pretty

Fabric butterflies - they might work

These are pretty, but I don't need the flowers
and they come as a set

                      Loads of just what I had in mind, but the price is too high

These are the right size and price, but vellum is paper isn't it?

These are just what I want, and in various colours too
Think I may go with the pink ones above.  My only concern is that they are made from feathers and I know that some people have phobias about them. 
If anyone has any other ideas on where I can get small (probably lightweight fabric) butterflies from, please let me know.  I only want 2-3 just to see how they look with the bears.

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