Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Knitting, Sewing, Mending and Making

These are the projects for this week in between making new bears.
So far I have finished knitting a bear, given Bobby Bear a makeover, and made  set of clothes for Tiffany.
Here is the knitted bear's head (minus ears).  He is all knitted ready to put together.  That's a job for today.

I have been thinking of dressing Tiffany for a while now.  She has very pretty mint green mohair, but looked a bit plain and bare so I decided to try and knit her an outfit.  Here are the results - Tiffany in her lacy sun dress and matching hat. (different lighting in the pictures, the undressed one is more her correct colour)

The other finished project so far is Bobby Bear, a lovely 13" Chiltern Bear (I think, no labels).  He came to me a very grubby boy, thin, and with odd eyes.  One eye was his original glass amber but very damaged and the other was a larger makeshift plastic one just pushed into his eye socket.
He has had a clean up, a few stitches here and there and new matching amber glass eyes as I couldn't find a match for the damaged one. 
I also found when I was rearranging his tummy stuffing that he had a semi-working growler.  Not brilliant but it will make a noise sometimes if you 'burp' him (pat him on the back, then tip him over) and if he is shaken gently. 
There is not a lot that can be done for an old growler as they are made of cardboard usually and quite delicate.  This one had been pushed in by an over enthusiastic child pressing on his tummy to try to get it to work. 
I pulled it out as best I could and tried to glue it in place.  At least he makes a bit of noise now, he didn't make any before.
I managed to make him look plump again by loosening up his woodwool so didn't have to 'feed' him any new stuffing.  I prefer to keep the old bears original wherever possible.  Usually the stuffing has got compacted and just needs moving around a bit into the gaps.
Grubby and thin
Standing tall snd proud
Here are his before and after photos.  I think he is a charming litttle bear, but I love all of this style of 1950's bears.

Here is my next project - Jock the mohair dog.  Goodness knows what I am going to do with him, but I will give it a go.  My husband found him at a boot sale and brought him home for me to restore.  I am currently looking around the internet to try and find one similar so that I can see how he should look.

Well, that is me up to date, back to the mending and making now.

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