Thursday, 7 July 2011

Look what the postman delivered

I had a wonderful parcel delivered a couple of days ago.  It contained 4 - yes 4! vintage bears that I had won in an auction. 
They are better than I had imagined they would be, each has it's own little character.
I had thought that one was a Chiltern Bruin, but even better it is a Chiltern Bruin with a music box. :)  I'm not sure if it works yet as they are all in the freezer making sure they haven't any nasty carpet beetles or such.
Here he is, isn't he lovely?

The next one is a Chiltern bear, he is quite malnourished and will need a feed of woodwool or sub to fill his tummy out.  He still has most of his claw stitching, but his pads are quite worn and he is a grubby boy.
Here we have the prettiest, and the largest bear of the group.  I have called her Daisy - my late Nan's name.  I'm not too sure of her make.  I've found an Invicta that looks very similar to her, and a Chiltern, so I'm not claiming either.  She, too needs a clean up, but she has a working squeaker (well it worked once).

Last, but not least is this little blind bear.  He has been named Eli.   Anyone a 'Last of the Summer Wine' fan? (for overseas visitors it is a UK comedy series).  Judging by the shape of his legs, he too is a Chiltern bear, although I am thinking that his ears are more like the large ones of a Chad Valley.   I am looking forward to giving him some shiny new eyes, amber I should think is appropriate for him.

Oh, and I wouldn't want Guiness to be left out.  He arrived today and has already had a brush and clean up and is for sale in my Etsy shop.  He looks to me like a Schuco bear, but I can find no reference to one of his colouring or size.  He is 10.5" and has the typical Schuco facing downwards paws.  He is a lovely solid little bear and has been very well made many years ago.
If anyone has any views on the makes of these bears I am always open to opinions.

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