Monday, 16 May 2011

To repay the kind people on Folksy

I have had a bad couple of weeks at the craft unit and was nearly giving up, but the lovely people on Folksy have boosted my confidence and given me new ideas to help with customer flow.
This blog is featuring those members as a thankyou for helping me with their ideas

Phew! that was a marathon, but thank you to all of you wonderful people. (I hope I haven't missed anyone, shout if I have and I will include you). 
I put some of your ideas in practice and had the best day on Sunday since I started.  


  1. Im glad your feeling more positive ,thank you for showing my mouse,all the best for the future.
    luv jean xx

  2. How sweet and unexpected of you to do this, I'm glad you had a better day, let's hope it continues. I'm glad you are feeling better.