Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Foggy's new collar

Well, at last Foggypuss has a new collar.  His second - he lost the first one in a few hours.  The postman delivered it, Alan put it on him, by the time I came home from work it had gone! 
So I contacted Mogs Togs to tell her that unfortunately I couldn't show her photos of the naughty boy in his new collar as he had lost it. (www.folksy.com/shops/MogsTogs) Yesterday we received a second collar exactly the same.  Such brilliant customer service.
I did wonder if I could get the same patterned collar again and was concerned as Rachel kept calling Foggy 'she' in her e-mails.  I told him it would serve him right if she sent him a replacement in a pink flower pattern, and if she did I was going to make him wear it as punishment for losing the first beautiful (boy pattern) collar.

The collar is still in place this morning and I have attempted to get some reasonable photos of it being modelled by an unco-operative kitty.  He doesn't like his photo taken and tends to look away just as you have lined the shot up and pressed the button.  He should take lessons from Sidney who poses beautifully, putting his head on one side when asked and sitting still until I have finished.
I have always resisted putting a collar on Foggy as is flattens his beautiful coat, but he killed a blackbird the other day and Alan wanted him to have a bell to try to warn the birds of his presence.  It didn't help that there had been a Blackbird hopping around the front garden collecting worms as Alan was mowing the lawn.  He decided it was the same one and I think it bothered him to think our cute and cuddly Foggy may have 'murdered' this friendly bird. 
I have only known him to catch 3 birds (plus a frog that I rescued, boy can they scream!) in the 2 years that we have been here.  One day he was meowing at the door as usual and I opened it to see Foggy sitting looking up at me with a Magpie sitting quietly beside him. 
The caption should have been "Can I have a friend round to play?" 
I wish I had got my camera in hand, they looked so funny sitting there side by side.
I closed the door quickly and fetched Alan to 'rescue' the bird.  When he looked out Foggy wandered in alone, no bird in sight. There were no tell tale feathers so I think he must have left intact.
Check out Mog Togs website http://www.mogstogs.com/ to see more of these beautifully made cat collars.

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  1. Oh thanks for such nice words and photos, looks like he did a good job posing for pics in the end! And sorry, I don't know why I had it in my head that Foggy was a she!! I will put some of the photos in the Hall of Fame on my website if that's OK.
    Rachel from Mog's Togs