Saturday, 14 May 2011

Billy has a new nose

I kept looking at Billy, the old bear I restored and thinking that his nose didn't look quite right.
This morning I decided to do something about it, so here he is again - Billy Mark II. 

I think he looks better than before, I had the stitching on his nose too high and too thick.  The new nose has given him a much gentler expression.  He looks like a completely different bear, and so cute, I couldn't resist a cuddle with him when I had finished. :)   If he doesn't sell I will quite happily keep him for myself.

Before, nose not positioned right.

After his 'nose job' - a much gentler expression
I have now relisted him on Etsy with his new photos.  I have also reduced his price so he is now under £100 and offered free postage for the UK and a minimal postage for everywhere else.

I am trying to find more old bears to restore so would love to sell Billy to fund these purchases.  It is so satisfying to show these beauties at their best and I would love to have a part of my craft unit dedicated to selling the restored bears (and possibly dogs as I have found a few of these that could be quite cute when restored to health).


  1. Love the new look, definately a more gentle expression.
    My toddler grinds his teeth and gums and the top one has the same expression he has when doing this :o))
    {Dab and a dash.}

  2. Have to say Polly, I admire his new nose. :-)