Monday, 16 May 2011

Craft shop update

I have been in the craft centre for 4 Sundays now with varying success.

I have been boosted by having a really good day this Sunday.  A lot of this success I put down to my online friends in Folksy.  I asked for support and they came up with some great ideas and thoughts on what should be done to help get customers into the shop.

I also put into practice the way that big businesses get customers to take notice, by increasing my point of sale, and making a clearance section.
A large laminated, colourful notice on the wall outside, and in the window saying 'Please come inside and see the bears' let people know that they were welcome to browse.
Further signs in the window and a display showing diy packs to make sock monkeys, helped as customers stopped to read them.
Sock monkey diy packs

I moved the reduced large bears onto the big table with clear clearance tickets in front of each one stating was and now prices.  These are a real bargain so I needed to promote them strongly and positioned the table right near the open door so that they could be seen as people walked by.
Three were sold, here are two of the ones I have left.

Levi was £55    Now £33 Now sold

                                          Amber was £45    Now £25

It was a beautiful day apart from a few drops of rain in the afternoon, and there were quite a few visitors walking around.  I did get many more people pop into the shop and was able to (hopefully) make a few new contacts and get the Pud Bears name out there. 
 Another bear that found a new home was Matilda, a 10" schoolgirl bear complete with satchel and
spectacles.  She had been much admired over the weeks so I was not surprised that she was snapped up.  The lady that bought her thought that some of my other bears may benefit from spectacles, so I have chosen one and have taken him to Specsavers.  What do you think?

Matilda (sold)

Danny in his specs

I enjoyed my day's trading this week, the Sun was shining, the birds were singing, and people were chatting.  I hope there are a few more Sundays to come just like that. :)

Please visit the bears (and bunnies) at Alby Craft Centre, on the A140 between Norwich and Cromer.
We will be there on Sundays during the Summer months. 

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  1. Glad to hear business is picking up, I'm sure once the warmer weather comes and the holiday crowd you will get lots of busy Sundays. Your bears are great, love the new look with the glasses. Good luck and here's to lots of customers thorough your door.