Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Humphrey - Old Pedigree? bear

This is my next vintage bear project - Humphrey.
I believe him to be a Pedigree circa late 1940's early 1950's.
When I got him his arm was hanging by a thread (two or three actually) and he was very matted and grubby. 
I thought he had a growler, but when I unstitched him to see if I could get it to work I found a music box with 'Made in Switzerland' on it.  I was even more impressed when it actually played a lullaby.
There was no key so I raided my husbands garage (he likes to tinker with old clocks) and found a key that fitted.
His arm was no problem, a few stitches, a reconnection and - hey presto - a working joint again.
He then had a little nose job, as his nose had gotten horribly squashed over the years.  I didn't want to introduce any modern filling so I carefully removed some from his body to fill out his nose. 
Then it was the special teddy dry bath and a good vaccuming and brushing to finish off.
He is now ready for sale in my Etsy shop.

Here are his before and after photos:-

His arm was hanging off

He looks more relaxed now

A grubby boy

Cleaned up with his vintage lace bow
He has a bit of a strange tufty effect on his nose
 I am pleased that I was able to restore Humphrey without having to use any new parts.  He is still completely original and is now a handsome bear.