Sunday, 8 May 2011

New head design

It's been really quiet today at the craft centre (well my shop has, don't know about the others).

I made the most of my time and designed a new head for a 6" bear.  I wasn't planning on doing this, but I hadn't got my patterns with me.
I think he is quite cute, not a Pud bears usual upturned nose, more a Roman nose I would say.
I am trying to make more brown bears now, I have nearly depleted my coloured mohairs left over from a few years ago.
I have decided to stick with the 5" to 8" sizes in future, mainly because that is what the customers seem to like and because I am not wealthy (altogether for the sympathy - aaah, poor Polly!) and to make large bears costs more in materials.

Just a short blog today as it is time to pack away and go home.  Not a profitable day at all.  :(


  1. I love his face, its so cute :)

  2. He is very nice. Fascinating work