Saturday, 2 April 2011

Teatime and Flowers

Two of my bears are ready for their tea.
Blake has got the biscuits and Granma Smith is ready with her china cup.

My Sunday showcase blog is featuring two Folksy shops that compliment each other.
Cupcakejojo Designs and Andrea Lesley Crochet.  Just click on the links above the photos to go to these wonderful shops.

All of these beautiful tea cosies and mug holders come from
There are many more designs and colours in her shop.


Next, to go with the tea, knitted cupcakes from



.... from the same shop - these cupcake brooches and I know owlets don't
belong on the tea table, but I couldn't resist showing you these cuties.


Enjoy your tea and cakes.  The owlets are watching for crumbs!


  1. Wow they all look fantastic. Those cakes look so edible. Linda

  2. They look great, a no calorie cake too! Adore your dogs, I have a tri and a black and tan. (just found you via Etsy)

  3. Oh! I love a fresh brew! Lovely picks there (-;

  4. They are gorgeous and very clever,theres some wonderful talent
    on folksy