Monday, 18 April 2011

Egg cosies for Easter

 Lots of great little gifts for Easter if you don't want to give chocolate.  There are so many to choose from it was difficult to pick these few.  I have looked for well made items and those that made me smile. 

I have tried to include some non-novelty ones for those of you who prefer more traditional.  That was difficult as I go straight for the colourful character ones.

I love the bunny, he is so alert and would bring a smile to anyones face over the breakfast table. 
The dainty cosy with pink flowers is so pretty.

Theses colourful hens would brighten
up any breakfast table.

                                           This cute little chick would be a lovely little Easter
                                        present for a child if given with a chocolate egg

Mr and Mrs egg cup cosies - what a clever idea

Little chicken cosies, so beautifully photographed and there
are more designs in Jane's Folksy shop

 That is all of my choices of egg cosies. 

With Easter in mind here are a couple of my mohair bunnies to finish with.  Jasper and Angel sitting in front of the Cowslips in the first picture and Rascal not looking happy at having to pose in the Forget-me-nots. 
I think the ear-droop may be the bunny equivalent of a pouting lip! :)


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  2. I love these little bright and colorful hens! They are darling. Thanks for sharing with us!
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