Saturday, 2 April 2011

Pud Bears and Friends prepare for Alby Craft Centre

Pud Bears and Friends will be at Alby Craft Centre (on the A140 between Norwich and Cromer) on Sunday 17th April and for every Sunday throughout the Summer months.

I am busy making bears (and bunnies) to go in my shop and working out how to display them in the quite large space that I will be in.  It is 15 foot square and a blank canvas with white painted stone walls and a bare concrete floor. 

My initial thought is that anything I use has to be easy to assemble, light enough for me to move and most importantly - fit into a Nissan Micra for transporting to and from the centre each Sunday. 

I set out the boxes, I think it will
work how I want it.  Just got them to paint now

So far I have sorted out the front window display, organised for my brother in law to make me a hanging board for above the door, and brought a load of various sized strong cardboard boxes home from my workplace.

The plan for the boxes is to emulsion them in pastel colours, then decorate them with spots, stripes or with a large teddy stamp that I have. If that works I need a few more for the rest of the bears and bunnies.

This looks ok, need another blanket now

They will also double up as boxes to actually transport the bears in.

My husband found a little beech folding table in a discount shop that is ideal for working on, so just need a comfortable chair now.  I bought a lovely knitted blanket at a charity shop to drape over one of my folding chairs, so I'm on the lookout for one to go on the other chair now.

Looks like I will have to get the paint brushes out tomorrow.  I hope it is a nice day so that I can do it outside. 


  1. how excitinggggggg.
    Lots of luck.
    Be sure to show us a photo of the finished display.

    Fingers crossed evey bear goes to a loving home and you will have an empty Folksy shop!
    {Dab and a dash.}

  2. I know Alby Crafts - close to Erpingham - I have a friend who lives in the village. I visited Alby Crafts about 2 years ago and it's a lovely place. Good luck, you should do well.

  3. I'm fasinated to see how you get on at this craft centre. I'm now following you :)