Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Cute Bunnies and Alby Crafts Centre in Norfolk


All of the bunnies above are available in my Folksy shop

I have been busy making mohair bunnies for my new Sunday shop at Alby Crafts.  Come for a day out if you are in Norfolk.  The gardens are beautiful and there is a tea room with a gallery as well as the craft shops and gift shop.  Pud Bears will be occupying a shop/unit there starting from this Sunday, 17th April and every Sunday after.

The picture below shows the building that I will be in (my unit is the end one that you see). 
It is a beautiful setting and I am really looking forward to being there.  scroll down the page of the link to see the craft centre and gardens (only £2.50 entrance to the gardens)

I will bring along bears in various stages of completion so that I can show customers how they are put together and the work that goes into them.  There will be photos of the hundreds of bears that have already gone to new homes and samples to show the wide variety of mohair available. 
Of course there will be many completed Pud Bears rabbits and bears for sale too (and sock monkeys etc)

Easter is coming along next weekend and there seems to be a lot of rabbits around.
I have looked on Etsy and Folksy and found these beauties:-

Such a sweetie from

Who  would think a bunny could fly?

Bunny stamp from

This made me smile, there is a cat and blackbird dish too

A lovely gift for a special occasion

I love these two bunny brooches

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  1. The craft centre is exactly the sort of place I'd love to visit, sadly I'm in Dorset so a visit is not so easy. I wish you the very best of luck, not that you'll need it your bears and bunnies are gorgeous!!

    Maria x