Sunday, 17 April 2011

First day at craft centre

My first Sunday at the craft centre went well.

The morning started badly, I got up at 6am, and promptly managed to knock a Pyrex lid off the draining board!  Why do they break into so many pieces, it was only a small lid for goodness sake?  I sent the dogs out of the kitchen and proceeded to clear the glass up, somehow managing to knock a tray containing a dish of food with my bottom which tipped down the back of my clothes!  Things must get better surely?

I set off after loading my little Nissan Micra and found my way to Alby Crafts without getting lost, which is always a bonus.  It was a misty morning when I set off but by the time I reached my destination the sun was shining and the birds were singing.

Setting the shop up went smoothly, my homemade display stands seemed to work quite well and the hanging poles my husband made for the framed photos were just what I wanted and took the bareness off the white walls.

The jewellery lady who has the unit every Thursday had kindly left me a note saying that I could use her folding tables and chair if I wanted and they came in very useful as extra display areas.

I spent the morning re-labelling my stock with laminated labels.  The cardboard ones I had been using quickly got bent and looked scruffy.
Here is the shop after I had set it up.  I hung the sock monkeys on a wall to take the bareness off.
I was really pleased with how the pictures looked when they were hung up and they got a lot of nice comments. 

The view from my shop door was beautiful, with Forget-me-nots and Cowslips under the trees on the other side of the driveway.  This shows the door sign that my Brother-in-law made for me.  He has a bit more work to do on it, but it looked great.

  It wasn't easy taking a photograph of the window display,
I couldn't get rid of the reflection.


I couldn't resist going outside to take photos of the bunnies in the beautiful Spring flowers.

Rascal, the purple rabbit who enjoyed his day out and frolic in the flowers, seems to have developed ear-droop!  Do you think he should have a visit to the vet? :)

I had a lovely day, I really enjoyed the experience, sold a couple of items, met some interesting people to chat to and looking forward to my second Sunday (Easter Sunday). 

Come along if you are in the area.  It is Alby Crafts on the A140 between Aylesham and Cromer. (North of Norwich).  The gardens are open to the public for a small charge of £2.50 and they are beautiful at this time of year.  And of course you get a chance to see the bears and bunnies.
My website as always is   Rascal and all his friends are available for sale so come along and have a look at my online shop if you can't get to Norfolk UK.

I am also on Etsy for international customers-


  1. The display looks lovely, Polly - good luck with it! I have had a unit at a local art & craft centre for several years now (every day!) and it is hard work - keeping it full, and keeping the displays looking fresh and different. The advantage to being there all the time though is that you can do more to decorate it. We have painted the walls with pink stripes!

  2. Glad your day went well your shop looks great. good luck in your new venture.

  3. So pleased to hear your day went well, love your pictures