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Sidney Goes to the Seaside part two......

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Here is the second part of my little story for children, plus some lovely handmade items from Folksy shops.  Sidney and his Mum and Dad had just arrived at the restaurant......

He thought that restaurants are very nice places, they smell nice and give you food and drink.

When they had eaten they continued walking through the town until there were no more shops.
He could smell that fishy smell again and the road felt funny under his paws.  He thought it felt as if he was walking on sugar.  When they got to the end of the street there was a huge field in front of them, but it didn’t have any grass….. ?
Sidney sat down and stared.  “Where’s all the trees and the houses?” he wondered, “and I can see a long, long way, right up to the sky!” 

'Where's the trees Dad?'
They walked down some stone steps before reaching a pathway above the strange field. Come on Sidney, no need to be frightened.  You are at the seaside and this is the beach.”

So, this was the seaside that the children talked about.  They always sounded very excited when they spoke about going to the beach so it must be a fun place to visit.
He looked around and saw that there were many people on the beach.  There were Mums and Dads lying on towels and Grandads and Grandmas sitting in brightly coloured deckchairs. 
The children were playing with buckets and spades, digging holes and building sand castles.  One little girl had a blue kite and was running along the sand pulling it behind her.  Sidney watched as it went higher and higher into the sky.  “That looks fun” he thought. 
“I wonder if Dad has brought me a kite to play with?”
'I want a kite'

They walked a little way along the pathway, past some large kennels.  At least that is what they looked like to Sidney, but they must have been people kennels as there were Mums and Dads in them making cups of tea and reading their newspapers.

Hee Hee, look at those funny kennels

Noticing Sidney’s puzzled expression, Mum explained  “They are called beach huts Sidney.  Tiny houses that people sit in and eat their tea when they come to the seaside.”  Sidney thought that the beach huts looked very pretty, painted in different colours, just like the houses they had passed on the way to the beach.

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 “This is the place Sidney.  Dogs can go on the beach just here.”  They all walked down a slope and Sidney felt the sand on his paws for the first time. 
It felt so funny that he lifted his paw and shook it. 

“Do you want to paddle Sidney?”  He thought he might like to paddle, whatever that was, so he pulled away on his long lead and ran along the beach until he reached the water.
He stopped in surprise as the water moved towards him.  “Help, it’s coming after me, quick let’s go.” he yelped, backing away.  He barked at the waves and they moved away.

Help, it's coming after me!
“Hmm“, he thought,  “that told the water what I thought of it and it’s gone now.”   He moved towards the sea again, proud of himself for chasing it away, but he jumped back quickly when the waves rushed forwards again.
“You silly dog, Sidney.  You can’t tell the sea what to do.  Come on let’s run and splash in the water.”  Sidney thought that this was a fun idea and they ran along the sea’s edge making big splashing noises as they went.  “This is fun, I like the seaside” he decided.
To be continued..........

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  1. Enjoying Sidney's adventures, looking forward to the next part already.

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