Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Sidney goes to the Seaside - Part 3

Here is the final part of my little story about Cavalier Sidney's trip to the seaside....
Sidney had  paddled in the sea and now he was exploring the sand.
Beautiful seascape painting from www.folksy.com/shops/Wellydoggallery
There were many strange things on the sand. He watched as a crab crawled towards the sea, bending down to sniff at it. “Watch out Sidney it might nip your nose.”
He found some wriggly stuff, that smelled really funny, and picked it up and shook it. The seaweed smacked against his ears as he shook his head and he dropped it back onto the sand.

Seaside notebook from www.folksy.com/shops/dabdash

Then he thought that it might be a good idea to dig in the sand. The boys and girls on the beach were having so much fun with their buckets and spades.

This pretty cushion's colours made me think of the seaside
feom www.folksy.com/shops/clootielugs
Sidney put his head down and nudged the sand with his nose. It moved easily so he dug with his paws. Faster and faster he dug, sand flying up behind him and the hole getting bigger. “This is fun” he thought, “I wish I had got a bone to bury in the sand.” He looked up from his digging and saw that they were getting ready to go somewhere else.

“I would like a cup of tea and a cake. Let’s go to the pier” said Dad. They walked back up to the pathway and past the coloured beach huts until they reached the pier.
Sidney glanced down the long, long wooden bridge that went nowhere, only to the sea. He wondered what it was there for and why all the people were walking on it.

                                                                           The pier looked just like a long bridge

They walked along the pier and Sidney could see the water between the wooden boards. He could see all the children playing on the beach from high up on the pier and looked up to see the blue kite flying high in the sky.

Seagulls were cicling  - see this painting
at www.folksy.com/shops/BoyinPark
 Dad got his cup of tea and they sat on a bench near the end of the pier so that they could look out over the sea.
Seagulls were circling around the end of the pier keeping their beady eyes on the fishermen, who were sitting 
 in wooden chairs waiting to catch a fish.
Sidney sat and looked over the edge of the end of the pier. The sea lapped against the wooden poles that held the pier up. There was a boat far in the distance that seemed like a toy. It looked so small because it was such a long way away.
He knew now why people walked on the pier. It was a beautiful place to be on a sunny day.

 Paper quilled lighthouse 
                                   from www.folksy.com/shops/quillmag               
                Take a look at their pretty gift boxes too
All too soon it was time to go and they walked back to the car. They went past the beach huts again, past the coloured houses and the lighthouse with it’s red and white stripes. Past the nice smelling restaurant and the shops, until they came to the car park near the big grass field.
“Do you want to play ball before we go home, Sidney?“ asked Dad. “Oh wow! Yes please” barked Sidney, running round and round in circles with excitement. They went onto the big grass field and had a great game of fetch the ball, until they were all out of breath with so much running.
“It’s time to go home now, get in the car Sidney.”
Sidney climbed onto his furry cushion. He was a very happy little dog and so tired. Soon he was fast asleep and snoring loudly. Mum turned and looked at him, smiling.
“Bless him, what a good boy he is.” she said to Dad. “Yes” replied Dad, “the very best.”

                                             THE END


  1. Aw - what a heartwarming tale, I'm sorry it's ended! Thank you for including my cushion too - so kind! Jill x

  2. What a fab idea! I love that cushion by Clootielugs.

  3. Loved the story, also sorry its ended. Can Sidney have another outing please?

    Lynda x

  4. Fab idea to use pics of Folksy items to illustrate the story : )

    Thanks for choosing my Seagull pic : )

  5. Lynda - I have one or two ideas for more Sidney adventures, will have to look through the many photos of him as that is where I get my inspiration from :)


  6. What a great adventure for Sidney.
    Where's he off to next???

    Love reading and a lovely suprise to see you included my mini notebook..Thank you.
    {Dab and a dash.}

  7. Lovely story, Sidney is so cute and very photogenic!