Sunday, 13 February 2011

Big Bears - yes or no?

In the 1990's I made all sizes of bears, from 5" to 16" and they all sold well.
Since restarting the bear making I have had no sales from any bears over 12", with most of the sales being under 8". 
Is this the new trend for bear collectors?  Have they (the collectors) got so many bears in their hug that they only have room for a small one?  I was once told that even with a large amount of bears a small one could sit on a knee or a shoulder of another bear and fit in a hug that way.
Consequently I have stopped making the larger bears and I am concentrating on the 8" and under. 

I still have six 16" bears in my Folksy shop -


I love my big bears, they are great for cuddling, just the right size, and I usually fill them quite softly to give them a certain amount of flexibility.   Their names are, from left to right - Flakey, Bertie, Babs, Levi, Goldie and Casper.
I always describe my bears as 'Classic Cute' as they look quite traditional in some mohairs and just downright cute in others.  You may be surprised to learn that all of the above bears are made from the same pattern with no adjustments made, just the difference in mohair and facial expressions gives the variety of looks.  

Polly xxx


  1. They are all gorgeous and huggable!

  2. Glad you found the Social Networking stuff interesting -having blogged about it I've done nowt else with it yet.

    I definately recommend you go to those free events/ seminars/ get whatever help is offered - even if it turns out not to be as high quality as you hoped, you're bound to get something out of it, if only confirmation that you're already doing it right!