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Sidney goes to the Seaside part 1
A Short Story for Children (or adults)

Here, as promised, is the first part of my little story written for children.
It is about Sidney, my Cavalier and his first trip to the seaside.
I wrote it about 3 years ago now, as an entry to a story competition.  I did get a nice complimentary letter back from the organisers.  I think that they were just trying to encourage me to join up for their postal course in story writing, with promises of future publishing opportunities.  It seemed a bit 'iffy' to me, so I declined (couldn't afford their fees anyway). 
Anyway, this story has been sitting in my computer all this time, with no-one to read it, so I thought that I would publish it myself on my blog.  It is illustrated with actual photos of Sidney, visiting the sea at Southwold, Suffolk as a young dog.
I hope you enjoy it.

Polly Kay
Sidney was a young puppy when he went to live at his new forever home. He was to have lots of adventures as he grew up.
One day , when he was still very young he went for a ride in the little yellow car. He loved riding in the little yellow car and sat proudly on the back seat in his safety harness. It was very comfortable as he had his favourite furry cushion to sit on. When he sat on the cushion he could see out of the window and watch as all the traffic and trees went by with a whooshing sound.  
“I wonder where we are going” he thought. “Maybe we will go where there are trees, and fields with rabbit holes that I can stick my nose into.
Perhaps we will go to the town and I can get a lot of fuss and the people shopping will stop to stroke me. They will talk to me and tell me what a good boy I am. I wonder if they will give me a dog biscuit for being a good boy?”

He was so excited and wagged his tail at the thought of the fun that he was going to have.   
It was not long before the car slowed down and stopped in a small car park surrounded by trees. “Out you jump Sidney” said Mum, undoing the cage and fastening the lead onto his harness. “I wonder where we are?” thought Sidney, as he lapped up the water that Dad had put in a dish for him.
He looked around. There were many cars parked nearby and a large area of grass behind them. He pulled on his lead to go that way as he loved to run on grass. It felt so nice and cool on his paws, especially on a hot day like today.
“Not now Sidney” said Mum. “We are going this way first.”
Sidney soon forgot his disappointment as they walked by the houses and he found lovely new smells and lots of other things on the pavement and in the hedges. His nose told him that other dogs had walked that way, and even a cat! He could smell crisps , chips, burgers and all sorts of nice food.
There was also a strange fishy smell that he kept getting the scent of. He couldn’t work out what it was and kept lifting his nose into the air and sniffing. “It’s getting stronger” he thought, “I wonder what it could be?”
They went down a small street with little houses either side. They were very pretty houses, each painted blue, pink, green or yellow.
The little houses were very pretty


There was a very tall house that Sidney stopped to look up at. It was very strange, he had never seen one like it before. None of the houses in his street were painted in red and white stripes, and they definitely where not that funny round shape.
“Come on Sidney, haven’t you seen a lighthouse before?”
“So, that’s what it is, a lighthouse. I wonder who lives in a lighthouse? They must be very tall to fit into such a high house.” Sidney had a good long think about it and then carried on walking.
They went round a corner and then they were in the town. “Oh good, lots of people to stroke me and tell me how cute I am.” Sure enough the first lady that they saw stopped to say hello.
Sidney sat down as he had been taught and waited for the fuss that he knew was coming his way.

Sidney tries to ask for a treat
“You are a good dog” said the lady and patted him on the head. He put his head on one side and looked at her with his big brown eyes. Surely that would be worth a treat, or maybe a small dog biscuit.
Poor Sidney, it didn’t work and they continued walking down the street, stopping every now and then to look in a shop window. He was getting very hungry now as it had been a long time since breakfast.
Mum and Dad must have been hungry too as they stopped outside a large building and spoke about eating some dinner. Dad went inside, then came out and said “Yes, it is ok Sidney can come inside too.”
Sidney wondered what he would find inside the large building called a restaurant. It looked quite scary to a little pup, but he went in as he knew that Mum and Dad would not let anyone hurt him.
It smelled really nice inside, sort of cosy with lovely food smells. It reminded him of Sunday dinner at home. They sat at a table with Sidney being very good and laying down under a chair. A bowl was produced from the bag that Dad had been carrying and Mum filled it with some little dog biscuits. Dad spoke to a man behind the counter and he fetched a bowl of water for Sidney and two cups of tea.
Sidney wondered if they had got their dinner in the bag too, but just then a lady appeared with two plates of food, one for Mum and one for Dad.

To be continued..........

Pretty earrings that remind me of the sea

This pendant is called 'Mermaids Rock Pool'

Purse flying the kite from 

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  1. To be continued... I was just getting into that. What a good dog Sidney is,I dont think there is one of mine I would trust somewhere else with food, and to sit quiety under the chair? no chance.

    Great story so far, and pictures