Sunday, 20 February 2011

Floral Beauties

This Sunday I am showing you some non-growing flowers!
They are so beautiful and don't need watering or weeding and they make great gifts.
Firstly, flower bouquets made from socks - yes, you did hear me right - socks!

These beautiful gift arrangements are available from

L toR - Girls' socks, Ladies trainer socks, Pantie sock Posy, A single sock buttonhole.  There is even one made from babies socks which would be ideal for a gift for the new baby.

Next up are these pretty ribbon and fancy yarn flowers.  Made and sold as single stems they look beautiful on their own or as an arrangement in a vase.  Such a clever idea and again, a great gift, especially with Mothers Day coming up.
My favourites are the double looking blue selection.

They are available from

I hope these floral arrangements have brightened up your Sunday.  You may have noticed from my blogs that I like bright colours.  These certainly fit the bill.



  1. Thank you so much Polly for featuring my ffflowers :) I probably shouldn't have favourites but I am particularly fond of the blue ones too!

  2. lovely blooms, will have to try some myself, when I have the time (sigh)