Thursday, 15 May 2014

New Pud Bears Jade and 12" Panda

I have finally finished the 12" Panda, and he has turned out really well. 

I loved making a larger bear again, he is the first for many years.  I used to make up to 18 inch bears years ago, but scaled them down due to demand for the smaller bears. 
I have changed the way I trim the noses for the Pud Bears and doing a bit of mohair sculpting on them.  Also the eyes have a white rim which really seems to make them stand out and gives the bear more character.  He still has the Pud Bears shape and design which has evolved since 1996 when I first started making bears - long arms, large feet, a shaped back and tubby tummy. 

I have also finished an 8" jade green bear, called Jade (not very original I know, but I had a brain block on choosing a name for her). 
She is made from my trusted 8" bear pattern, but again I have not trimmed her nose back a much, and she has the white rims to her eyes.  My niece says she looks as if she is thinking of something naughty to do - a very mischievous bear.
They are both available in my Etsy shop

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