Saturday, 10 May 2014

A Bear That has me Baffled

I have this cute little bear that has me puzzled as to her origins.

She has a sweet face, with quite close set eyes and a prominent dainty nose with black stitching.
Her arms look very Chiltern, but not her legs.  Could she be a Chad Valley, as some of their bears were made similar to Chiltern. 
Her head is fixed as in some of the Pedigree bears I have come across, but she really doesn't look from this 'stable'.
Her golden mohair fur is in quite a good condition, the main areas of concern being her feet pads.
They have been replaced, but not attached very neatly, so I will redo them.  Her paw pads are worn, but not enough to need replacing in my opinion.
Any suggestions as to her maker?  She is one of those bears that I look at, and look at and just can't decide who she is. :(

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