Friday, 15 March 2013

The Dolls are Trying to Take Over the Bears' House!

I have always been a soft toy person.  I even preferred my teddy Cuddly, to any dolls that I was given as a child.
Just lately though I find myself drawn to 1950's dolls - miniatures and small baby dolls especially.
I found these tiny 3" baby dolls with no clothes, and had great fun dressing them.  They are all dressed using lace, with cotton brodiere anglais type lace being my preferred material.  I gave them all names, as I do my bears and they are proving very popular with my customers.

Little SOLD

Chrissie SOLD
Beatrice SOLD

Bella SOLD

 I then searched for more to do as I enjoyed them so much.  I couldn't find more tiny ones and found these four 6", 8", 10" and 11" already dressed, but needed a bit of tidying up.

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Ceppiratti Doll Co
Blue Box Toys SOLD

I particularly like Rosy in the pink coat.  Her wrists are even jointed enabling her to twist her hands in different positions.  Her maker is a mystery, she has AGAESPOLY  0206 Hong Kong on her back and I have not as yet found out who used this wording.
The bottom left one is a really cute little doll made in Italy by the Ceppratti Doll Co.  I identified her by the 'Stork carrying a baby' mark on her back.
Blue Box Toys (doll bottom right) is a Hong Kong company that has been making dolls since 1952, starting with the first drink and wet doll.  They are still producing toys, including Thomas the Tank and Hello Kitty, and have won many awards for toy excellence.
Haley is a very lightweight celluloid doll who used to have a 'Mama' sound box, but sadly it is now missing.  Her all in one underwear covers the hole that is left in her back.  She is the only one of the four without open/close eyes, but her blue eyes are very large and pretty.
For the bear lovers amongst you, don't worry I still have 3-4 lovely old bears to tidy up for my Etsy shop including this large Chiltern bear.


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