Sunday, 10 March 2013

Our Spring Neighbours are Moving in

Well, it is that time of the year again, when everyone's thoughts turn to the warmer months to come and love is in the air.
Unfortunately it is also the time of the year when our noisy neighbours return.
Yes, Mr and Mrs Seagull are back!
Taken a few days ago
They have been sitting on the roof of the bungalow behind us, chatting about starting a family and what colour to decorate the nursery. 
The first year we lived here it was amusing and interesting, watching the young birds grow, learn to flap their wings and eventually fly off.
We were probably making as much noise as them that year as we were knocking walls down and replacing windows etc.
The last couple of years the novelty has worn off as the Seagulls swoop and scream over our little garden, leaving nasty splodges on our patio doors, and occasionally on Foggypuss if he is in the firing line.
Foggy waiting to pop up when he
hears a Seagull coming
Last year he decided he might be able to catch a Seagull as they flew over.  He positioned himself on the fence and it was quite amusing to watch him pop up and take a swipe at the Seagull everytime it divebombed him.  The only worry I had was that if he connected with one it would have probably
knocked him off the fence or broken his leg, as they fly fast and are quite big birds. 
I think Foggy has an inflated idea of his own strength and size.

When the young are about the parents defend their territory (which includes the air space over our garden apparently) with a great passion.  I have been seen running from the shed to the patio door as Mum swoops down, screeching at me to get away from her babies.  I don't want them, they are ugly little things when they are young.
Each year I hope they have found a new place to bring up their young, but it looks as if it is not going to be this year :(

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