Friday, 1 March 2013


Nev November 2012
Let me introduce you to Neville, my daughter's kitten.  She kept putting off getting a pet, but gave in last November and this little character came to live with her and the boys.  My Grandsons are 11 and 8 now so both old enough to help with looking after him.  

He has fitted into the household beautifully, and even two very loud and lively boys do not seem to phase him.  He seems to be just as lively as them, and is gradually learning to be noisy too.
Having a cuddle with Nanny
As all kittens are, he is very playful, running around with toy mice and playing with anything that moves when he taps it.  He seems to be very intelligent and has learned to play 'fetch' with his mice.  I have heard of cats doing this but never seen it until now.  It is really cute, he trots back carrying the mouse by it's tail, looking so proud of himself.  If you ignore him he puts it on top of your shoe so that you throw it again.

He loves a box too
He is growing into a beauty, soon be time for him to face the great outdoors.  The cat flap is ready to be fitted.  It is one of those that works with his micro-chip so no other cats can use it.
Growing up
He had his first walk round the back patio today, but got scooped up when he was heading towards a hole in the fence.  I don't think my daughter is quite ready to let him stand on his own four feet just yet.  She is determined that he will be allowed out, but is worried about letting him go as we all are for that first time. 
I can remember when my Foggypuss went out for the first time.  I was terrified that he wouldn't find his way home.  No worries there, he now meows loudly and hammers on the door everytime he wants to come back in. We have never fitted a cat flap, Foggy just visits the neighbour if we are out when he comes back.

"Have you finished taking photos yet? 
I want to scratch my ear."

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  1. What a lovely-looking cat! That last picture is cracking. When our ginger moggie jumps on the other cat, and I threaten to squirt him with water, he gets that goofy, surprised expression too :-)