Monday, 11 March 2013

Nev Goes over the Fence

.....and back again!
You remember this little fellow, and that I said my daughter was going to try letting him out now he is older.
Well, she rang me up on Monday, laughing and told me of his adventures.  She had let him out in her small back garden which is surround by a 6 foot fence.  He had a roam around the garden and then climbed a trellis to get to the top of the fence.  Over he went and she went out of the gate to see what he was doing.  He was wandering up the grass path at the back and taking a look down the dyke.
So far, so good - so she went indoors to do a bit of housework and left him to it.
After a while she opened the back door to see if he would come in when called only to be nearly bowled over by him as he dashed indoors.
We don't know what he saw over the fence, but it spooked him and he has not dared to set foot out of the garden since.  She says he walks around, glances at the fence, then comes back in, as if to say "there's no way I'm going over there again". :)
She rang me up when she let him out yesterday and it was snowing a bit.  He didn't like the snowflakes falling on his head and she was in laughing at him.  The laughter suddenly increased as the snow started falling heavier and he shot in the door in a panic.
My grandson said "Nev's not a pussycat, he's a wussycat".
I think my daughter is secretly hoping that he will not want to go any further than the back garden, but I think come Summer, he will be off, over the fence on his adventures to face the scary 'whatevers' that are out there.

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