Wednesday, 1 June 2011


This is my new 'old bear' find.  He is not mohair, nor is he jointed, but I couldn't resist his face.
You know the feeling that you just have to have something- well that is what happened to me.  Luckily I didn't have to pay much for him.
I have called him Smiler for obvious reasons, and I challenge you all to look at that face and to not smile back at him!
He sits on my work table at the craft shop and is a great conversation starter (he makes the customers smile back at him too).

He was a bit grubby, but still smiling

Do you think he lost his false teeth somewhere along the way?
He is now patiently waiting for his 'big brother' to arrive.  I am hoping he will give me more information on what make he is as the other one has trousers and a bow tie so may even have an intact label.  

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  1. He's very lovely and he does make you smile! I have and old bear too, well not hugely old but he is 45 as my brother bought him for me before I was born. My brother has since passed away so my bear is a treasured reminder.