Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Puppy Dog

Something made me love him!

I found a little Spaniel puppy toy and couldn't resist buying him to restore.  He looked really strange and quite ugly when I got him, but I could see the cuteness trying to get out.

He has had the usual dry bath and I don't think he is mohair as advertised, but can't be sure.  Anyway he looked a bit cleaner whatever he is made of and I set to work giving him a pretty face again.
His mouth had sort of dropped open and a seam had come open so that was stitched up and his jowls were tightened (sounds more like a face lift ).
His ears needed a few stitches and he had a small opening in one of his head seams.
Next he got his new nose.  I looked at my two Cavaliers and decided he should have a shield shaped nose.
I could see that he had worn a collar at some point as there was a cleaner stripe around his neck the same colour as the back of his ears.
I tried a few different things until I settled on black felt for his new collar, with a little bell at the front.
It seemed to bring him back to life, I felt he needed something around his neck.
Here are his before and after photos  (the 'before' ones are after he was cleaned as I couldn't wait and forgot to take them until after his 'bath').

'Heeelp me'

'Thanks, that feels better'

 I took a set of photos of him with my old doll and was pleasantly surprised at how well they look together.
I may be able to use one of these photos to frame for my craft shop stock.  I was a tomboy, so even though my doll is 55 years old she is still in very good condition.  I probably like her better now than I did then.  She has such a pretty face.

The little dog will be for sale on Etsy later this evening. (click on the flag in the right hand column of this blog to go to my shop)

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