Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Small is beautiful

The small bears are evolving nicely.  The last two 5" bears have turned out well.  The pattern really seems to suit the sparse mohair.
I was really impressed with their photos too.  Not sure what I have done differently but I have managed to block out all of the background giving a very professional look.  (well I think so anyway).

This is Timmy...

....and this is Lester
Both of these 5" bears are available from my online shop at Folksy, priced at just £20 each + postage.

The vintage  bears are proving popular and a good talking point at my Alby Crafts Sunday shop.

I am now taking old soft toys and vintage bears for mending and restoration. As long as they are not too damaged  as I am not experienced enough for major restoration work.  Eyes, ears and rejointing is fine, but I wouldn't feel comfortable to do patching or limb replacement to valuable old bears yet.

One of the bears and the puppy dog have found new homes after having some work done a clean up.

I find it to be a satisfying feeling to make these old toys look good again, and hope they are going to homes where they will be loved and admired for many more years.

LtoR - Georgie, Humphrey, Billy.  Brian is sold
The little puppy dog in the front is also sold

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