Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Four new Mini Bears and one Old Timer

I have been quite productive in the last week.  I have finished Sailor Bill's jacket (1940's Chiltern) and have 4 new Pud Bears made.  They are all available from www.etsy.com/shop/PollyKay11 and my web site www.pollysvintagebears.weebly.com

Sailor Bill a vintage Chiltern bear

Priscilla - 5" mini bear

Hairy Harry - 7" bear

Ted Bear - 4.5" mini bear
Bluebell - 4.5" mini bear

I am pleased with how the little bears have turned out.  There was a panic when I had lost a leg from Ted Bear, and didn't think I had any more of the mohair.  I found a small piece yesterday though and was able to finish him.  I have no idea where the original leg went.  It will probably turn up with the odd socks!!
Talking of socks, I need to make a few Sock Monkeys up, I have some lovely bright coloured striped socks to use.  One pair are over the knee socks so that will be a very long and lanky Sock Monkey.

I am still busy making mini bears (7" and under).  I am hoping to sell a few leading up to Christmas.
I will show them on my blog as I get them made, so keep popping back to see what is available.
They range from about £15 to £20 for up to 7", with the 8" to 10" between £20 and £30.

If you are from the UK and want to order direct with me, go to my web site,  I have put in a new page featuring the Pud Bears that are available.www.pollysvintagebears.weebly.com

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