Monday, 10 October 2011

Sidney and Harry, the biggest wimps I have known

I knew Sidney was a wimp when he had his first injection at the vets.  He squealed the place down and tried to climb on top of my head.  They were laughing at him in the waiting room when we went out.

A young Sidney acting the fool
 Harry, on the other hand doesn't seem to bother about injections, but will yelp loudly if he even thinks you 'might' tread on his tail/paw/ear.  This causes me to jump in alarm and twist as I think I have trodden on him and then I hurt my back! 
I decided to trim Sidney today as his coat is very thick and it cannot be left to get too long or it matts up like dreadlocks.

His coat is so thick and wooly (note the snow on ears)
 I can't bend over very well so I decided to do it on the furniture.  It is leather so it can be hoovered easily.
He was very good and went to sleep half way through, snoring away quite happily whilst I snipped with the scissors.  I have long since stopped trying to give them a professional looking Spaniel cut.  They are pets, not show dogs and as long as they are clean and comfortable I am happy.
Alan then anounced that they needed their claws trimming.  "Oh dear, this will not be easy" I thought.  We have tried before with varying success.
Sidney first, on Alan's knee so that he could try to hold him still while I used the clippers.
He was quite good, jiffled a bit until we got to about the 4th claw. I must have pulled a bit of fur, because he yelped and jumped, hitting Alan under the chin and pulling a huge hole in his jumper.
I calmed him down (Sidney and Alan) and carried on with no further problems apart from him keep pulling his foot away just as I tried to trim.
Now for Harry, the wiggly worm.  First claw - fine, second - he screamed that loud that it made us both jump, Sidney leapt onto Alan's knee as well to comfort his 'brother'.  Harry was fighting hard to get away from Alan, so we did another few minutes of calming words and stroking and I went to try another claw.
He screamed this time before I had even got within an inch of his claw proving that it is just the thought of it, not the actual trimming. We managed to trim a few more claws and then gave up.

Harry certainly knows how to relax (photo censured) :)

........and so does Sidney (not taken today)
 They are both fast asleep now,exhausted from their ordeal.

I couldn't leave Foggy out - he enjoys a snooze too.


  1. Aren't they gorgeous! My trailhound is also a big wimp..she yelps as soon as the vet even goes to hold her collar!

  2. This all sounds so familiar - I just get deep threatening growls whenever I touch any feet or hit a knot. Such 'bravado' from such a woose. Lovely photos, lucky animals. xx

  3. Polly,:-) save your sanity, find someone you and the guys trust, let them do the hard work :-)

    Hi guys your looking as beautiful as ever. I see Foggy has the best seat in the house :-) x x x