Friday, 21 October 2011

Minstead Fair on Sunday

I am packed ready to go off to the New Forest to attend the Teddy Bear Fair at Minstead on Sunday.
The old bears are patiently waiting in suitcases for the journey and their first fair.
I have never done a fair with the old timers before so it will be a new experience.
The Pud Bears (my own make) will have a small gathering at the end of the table, but the main part will be the vintage bears, dogs and cats.
Much to my surprise when I counted them up there are 25 bears, 9 dogs and 4 cats - oh and one Groundhog!
There were 4 more, but they were reserved on Etsy last night.
It doesn't matter if someone looks and doesn't like the bears, as it will not feel personal as it does with the Pud Bears.  I have bears from Chad Valley, Merrythought, Steiff, Hermann, Grisly, Berg, Knickerbocker, and Pedigree to name but a few of the well known makers.  Surely they should find something they like in that lot?
Here are a few of my favourites from the old bears hug, all available (if they do not sell at the fair) from my web site (UK only) and

Barney, a Pedigree bear  SOLD

Hughie, a big soft growly bear

Rose a pretty pale pink bear
that I think is Merrythought

Squeaky, a Hermann Marmot

and my all time favourite - Martha, a 1930's Farnell bear
I am quite excited about showing my old bears.  I am hoping that there may be experts there that would be able to give a maker's name to some of the unknown bears that I have.  That is half the fun of restoring - researching the bears to find out their maker and age.
I found Martha's 'brother' in a great little Collins Gem reference book that I found at a boot sale.  Can you see the likeness?                     

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  1. Good luck - hope all goes well for you. That picture of the two bears - the larger one looks very similar to my 60 year old bear.