Thursday, 6 October 2011

A box of misfits

I was taking stock of my old timers this morning and realised that I was coming to the end of my 'to do' box. This is all I have left.

 Clockwise from top left -
A one eyed English bear (I need to get some vintage eyes of the correct size before I can finish him).
A German/Austrian tipped mohair bear.  He is beautiful, but is rod jointed and needs work to tighten his legs.
A little sleepy Zotty bear.
A Gnome (don't ask, he came in with a bag of bears). Now sold
A Schuco dog.
An eyeless, one eared nightdress case. Now sold
And finally, poor old Gary the bald Pekingese.

Oh my goodness, I have my work cut out to make that little lot beautiful :)
I have a good stock of various animals ready and waiting for the fair.  I swear I can hear little excited voices coming from the spare room wardrobe sometimes.  (or I may just be losing the plot now I am 60!)

The fair is at Minstead in the New Forest on Sunday the 23rd October, so if any of you are around that way, come and see us and say hello.  I will be the mad old dear talking to her stock (see previous paragraph).

I have tidied up a couple of toys this week, a beautiful white cat from Real Soft Toys and a Pedigree bear with the most adorable face.  They are both in my Etsy shop

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