Sunday, 6 July 2014

Pud Bears - New Artist Bears Born Recently

I have been busy getting my stock built up of Pud Bears.  I had neglected them over the winter in favour of making the vintage toys and craft fair items.
Now though, in the words of a famous action hero 'They are back'.
I have made a few larger bears than I was making last year - 10" and 12" as well as the popular 6" and 8".
Here is what I have got so far -

6" bears and pandas

6" Dillon

6" Gilbert

6" Burgundy and Tan Panda
6" Jackson

6" Roly and Baby Berry

 8" bears and pandas

8" Jade
8" Purple and Black Tip Panda

8" Lemon Panda and Blue Panda
10" and 12" bears and pandas

10" Ivan
10" Becky
12" Fuzz

12" Tan and Fawn Panda
12" Traditional Panda

12" Susie Panda
Some of these bears will be going to Alices Bear Shop in Lyme Regis, and House of Bears in Bath, Somerset.  The remainder will be available in my Etsy shop. 
There will be more to come in the next few weeks as I am trying to get enough stock made to do a Teddy Bear Fair later in the year.

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