Saturday, 29 January 2011

Sock Monkeys

Good Morning all,

Today I am going to show you some sock monkeys and sock animals.
The idea originated from the USA in the time of the Great Depression, when mothers without much money made toys for their children from worn out Rockford Red Heel socks. 
I thought for a start that these so called 'Rockford Red Heels' were an American football team!  On further investigation I found that they were in fact a sock made by the Nelson knitting company and nothing at all to do with football!
In the early 1950's the sock manufacturer found out about the sock monkeys and tried to patent the pattern for making them.  They succeeded in 1955 and included a pattern with all the socks.
Advertising followed, using the sock monkey image. 
As time progressed more sock monkeys and animals were produced by different people giving the wide range of designs that can be found today.
They are very popular in America and festivals are held such as "Sock Monkey Madness Festival" held in Midway Village Center for the first time in 2005.  I do not know if this festival is still running, but there is probably more in different areas as well.
(I found this information in Wilkepedia)

My sock monkeys are not the traditional red heeled variety but mostly colourful striped patterns with contrasting heel colours.

Here are a selection from myself and from Folksy (see link on this page)

Jack (he looks so sad bless him)
from Socklings
Sock Elephant Nell from Socklings

This is Rose, a soft sock monkey from Sew it Seams and a sock monster from Tee Originals

Mortimer the sock dog from One Shy Elephant

Oliver the Giraffe from One Shy Elephant

Sock Horse/Zebra from Pud Bears

Sock monkeys from Pud Bears and Friends

That's all for today, I hope you liked the colourful sock animals.



  1. I love sock animals! Such a huge variety are available now.

  2. great selection of sock creatures they are so characterful! I love your spaniels too - they have such cute faces! Jill xx

  3. What a lovely selection - I especially love Mortimer! Hx

  4. Great Selection of sock monkies, I like the Zebra one best, but love all the lovely bright colours.

    Lynda x

  5. Lovely blog Polly....Love the animals...real and stuffed!! I have a spoilt chocolate labrador called Hannah.

  6. A lovely choice of sock monkeys. I didn't know the history of them so it was interesting to read. Have included you in my blog too today!